Common Room

The Bethel Inn & Suites was founded as a family hotel business in 2009 and was originally named as a nationally branded franchise; however, after only a few years, we wanted to return to the original vision of the hotel founder by creating a new concept in lodging that focused more on the Christian-Principled Code of Hospitality . By being able to incorporate these principals into our hotel, we feel it gives us the ability to offer higher levels of service and accommodations without being restricted by a national corporation. In December of 2013, we changed the name of the hotel to begin the transition that will ultimately complete this vision.

Even though our hotel is one of the newest in the region, our family has more than 40 years experience of providing the highest levels of hospitality services. For us, it is not only a job or a business, but a way to connect with our community and build relationships with people from around the world. Our mission is our guest’s comfort, and all of our staff members share in our vision and work tirelessly to maintain the integrity of our property.

We take great pride in offering a Christian-Based hotel to our guests, and the term Christian-Based pertains to how we operate, how we do business, and how we treat people. It should be noted that this does not mean that we serve only people of the Christian faith. We believe there are people of all faiths whom we are meant to help along in their journeys, and so we welcome anyone from any walk of life.

In today’s world, some people believe that just because a person believes in something or stands for a certain cause that they must be against anything else. This is simply not true. We stand for people’s rights to make their own choices just as we maintain our rights to make ours. We want to specifically point out that we do not discriminate against anyone for any reason, nor do we make judgments based on a person’s ideological beliefs.

We feel our designated Bible verse says it best for us, “ Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for in doing so, we have entertained angels unaware.” Hebrews 13:2